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Cristie Solutions — on your premises or with your chosen cloud provider — you get more than industry-leading Enterprise-classed storage. You get a technology-partner supported solution with pay-for-what-you-use which is financed with a pay-as-you-go-model. We call it #thinkDYNAMIC



Go from Capex to Opex


Data is not fixed, it´s dynamic and the data volume are flexible. This is one great reason why you can make financial benefits with pay-as-you-go. With modern technology, data volumes may shrink and Capex investments leave you with fixed costs that doesn´t match. Existing customers have measured high finical savings from our solutions.


Cristie Solution Platform

Module based solution


Get the Enterprise-classed features you expect from a modern storage system: snapshots, high-availability, mirroring, dedicated resources, security, and more. Pay only for what you use by customizing your solution from a wide spectrum of modules.

Technology Partnership

WE ARE #AtYourService

With Cristie Solutions you are never alone, our experienced team is adding extra resources to yours.

Cristie License Management

With Cristie Solutions you are always compliant, no risks, only services. All features included are part of the service for your convenience.




With an Enterprise-classed storage solution you can count on performance, scalability reliability and fault tolerance. In our solution we are complementing with a lot of experiences and services to make your experience complete.  

Cristie Nordic AB is specialized in data availability working with data loss protection and primary data storage since 1997. Since 2019 Cristie Nordic AB is part of PEDAB Group, a 200M EUR organization.

Cristie Nordic is part of BLUE Alliance, and established IBM GOLD Partner and Rubrik Partner.

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