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Use the Rubrik instant restore to build a sandbox for security testing (ENG)

Updated: May 16, 2022

Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated, and it is more important than ever to make proven resilience a core part of your business. Our Thin Digital Twin technology helps you detect, remediate, and validate vulnerabilities continuously in a safe copy of your production systems without any risks.

Make your Digital Twin directly in your Rubrik or VMware environment

A Thin Digital Twin (TDT) is a near instant, disposable, copy of your IT production environment that can be used for safe, methodical, and continuous experimentation and compliance validation.

How can we help?

Our solution integrates directly to Rubrik backup system or your VMware environment among others. With digital twins you will have the tool to help with:

Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Hunting

Conduct aggressive scans without fear of generating down time or impacting performance. Keep work schedules normal without crashes or maintenance window interruptions

Ransomware Recoverability Validation

Remediation Implementation and Validation

Penetration Testing


Platform Training Sessions

Why it matters

Cyber resilience isn’t just training manuals or war game simulations or tabletop discussions or cyber ranges or tick-box compliance. It’s proven capabilities for business continuity against all the problems you haven’t even thought about yet: testing real responses in high-fidelity replicas of entire operating systems, taking into account the perspectives from all your different teams.

  • Unpredictable maintenance windows can strain team relationships

  • Identifying and maintaining a secure point in time for recovery is critical

  • Light storage improves by an order of magnitude for cyber security measures

  • Understanding nuances of threats faced is the only way to address them

Welcome to join our webinar to understand HOW:


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