Protect your Microsoft 365, SalesForce®, Dynamics 365 and Google Workspace

Does your cloud provider do enough to protect your data? Common user errors may be covered, but how fast can you recover from a ransomware attack? Or roll back permissions failures? We’ve got you covered.

Cloud Providers Protect their Service – not your data!

Your cloud service comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). But a Service Level Agreement doesn’t cover it all. SLAs are focused on ensuring the availability of your cloud service. So, the next time you login to your Microsoft Teams app, Google Workspace, or, you can access the service. When it comes to your data, however, terms of service may not always protect you.

Cloud providers like Microsoft and Salesforce even encourage their customers to seek 3rd party backup and recovery solutions. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup will keep you protected!


Protect your data and bounce back fast from data loss with a cloud backup solution. Make sure you can recover from permissions fiasco's, corrupt content, or complex data loss scenarios. Cloud-to-cloud backup can help make the best of a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—you need a backup!

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