Data Protection



Enterprise-classed data protection for traditional- and modern workloads


We help you protect anything, anywhere..

..and saved in your
chosen datacenter.

On-premises, domestic cloud, cloud or hybrid.

With Cristie Triple Engine we can design any solution.

Today’s data centers are shifting away from manual tasks and towards automation, simplicity and agility, often designed and mentioned as modern workloads.


To protect the data many organizations prefer Cristie Solutions, a Service based offering with Recovery Assurance, Protect Everything and Easy Management.

Common for Cristie Solutions is #thinkDYNAMIC with a pay-for-what-you-use, use anywhere, pay-as-you-go, Enterprise-classed reliability, Lincense Management and technology partnership.
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Be sure, restore



All data protected, from your traditional- to modern workloads, on-prem, in-cloud or hybrid needs to be validated, ensured of a possible restore and ready to move to existing target within your SLAs.

With Cristie Backup Solution we are always focusing on the restore process and are providing automated restore tests of the complete system, multisite data replication to make the data available, disaster recovery with dissimilar hardware functionality (C/V/P2C/V/P), instant restore that restarts your application in no-time and data reuse.

Included in Recovery Assurance is automated and manual restore tests of complete systems, applications or single data sets. The test system is complete with orchestration and automation incl reporting.   


C your data



With Cristie Solutions we make the daily operations easier, with automation and simplicity we provide knowledge and trust that the data protection operations are working.  

Easy Management contains of three modules, one for easy daily operations, one for multi-vendor reporting and one for building a multi-tenant self-service portal. The modules can be mixed and matched as wanted.


Cristie Services



In all solutions we are providing a technical partnership between the organizations to be able to assist and manage in the best way. You can choose your way from Supporting Services, Managed Service or semi Managed Service. With a joint team, you will extend your resources with benefits.



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We are happy to help you with Data Availability based on Data Protection, Data Storage and Secondary Data Storage solutions including our top-certified technical team. Welcome!  

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Cristie Nordic AB is specialized in data availability working with data loss protection and primary data storage since 1997. Since 2019 Cristie Nordic AB is part of PEDAB Group, a 200M EUR organization.

Cristie Nordic is part of BLUE Alliance, and established IBM GOLD Partner and Rubrik Partner.


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